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Young Service Researchers Award

The conference organizers are pleased to announce a number of awards for young researchers in the field of services. These awards are funded by various service focused research centres and universities. The purpose of these awards is to support emerging researchers with a stipend of USD 400 (to cover IRSSM registration fees and other minor expenses). One of the key objectives of this award is to promote high impact research and also to nurture research collaborations between the award recipients and researchers from the sponsoring Centre/University. The selection of the ‘Young Service Researcher’ will be based on the following:

1. Applicants must be currently employed as a junior faculty (teacher) at a University or College.
2. Applicants must have submitted a full paper to the IRSSM -4 (Address and dates will be announced later)
3. The applicant’s research should make a clear theoretical contribution to the present body of knowledge in services (in service sectors such as: tourism and hospitality, retailing, health services, financial services, IT, etc).
4. Eligible applicants should send a letter of motivation indicating their keen interest in research and hence why they should be considered.
5. Applicants should send their ‘research resume’, highlighting their previous research, publication and conference presentation record.

Award Sponsored by:

The University of Queensland
Karlstand University Sweeden CTF Service Rearch Center
Cornel University
Rabboud University Nijmegen
The Ohio State University
The Ohio State University
The IRSSM-11 will be hosted by University of Economics, Katowice, Poland, June 2022.

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