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Welcome to IRSSM

The international research symposium on service management (IRSSM) with the theme “Service Imperatives in the New Economy“ provides a forum for those who have a special interest in services. The symposium will bring together scholars, professionals and practitioners from various disciplines and countries and provide them with a unique forum for sharing the latest theories and practices prevalent in the dynamic service economies.

Service plays a significant role in the economy of every nation and every business in the marketplace. Service sectors permeate every aspect of our daily lives and every part of the economy.  It is service that underpins the strength of every person and which lies at the very hub of the economic activity of society and/or country, irrespective of where we live. This new paradigm of ‘service’ has transformed both the industry and the customer.  The global advancement of service knowledge and practice is therefore imperative in motivating the next generation of service researchers, teachers and practitioners.  This international research symposium in service management (IRSSM) will bring together researchers, teachers, practitioners and students from various service sectors and related fields.  Please join us at this unique symposium and experience the true essence of ‘service’.

The IRSSM-11 will be hosted by University of Economics, Katowice, Poland, June 2022.

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